Other Projects : Amazingly Trivial Trivia

Mick Beatle gives us a few stupid stories and pointless facts regarding some of the tracks that Havok ahve done for other people. Clicking on the label artwork will enable you to download the tunes in questions...

This was the first remix of someone else's track to come out of the Havok stable and it fell to breakbeat lover Mick Beatle's outfit Charlie Don't Surf. This been the first work for another label we probably spent more time on this than any other track (other than King of Comedy, but that's another story :-(....). Unisex consist of ex members of The Telescopes and the musician responsible for Shane Meadows' A Room For Romeo Brass soundtrack (awesome film....in fact stop reading and go watch it now !!!)

The tune was produced at 123 BPM at Mick Beatle's request in honour of The Dust Brothers (now Chemical Brothers) breakbeat classic, Chemical Beats (awesome track...in fact stop reading and go listen to it now !!!). When the mix was nearly finished, but still missing that vital something, Harry kicked us out of the studio and programmed in the hammond organ solo over the next few of hours....just him and a can of Special Brew....it was the finishing touch the track needed...flawless !!!

As I remember everyone at the label were quite happy with the track, with the exception of the drummer who moaned because there wasn't enough of his original drum track in the final remix...mmmmm !!!

We were very pleased to get this one....by this time Lab 4 had ripped Havok the club to pieces on numerous occassions, released the awesome Luddite E.P. for us and Beatle and Medicine Man had become good friends with Annabelle, sister of Adam from Lab 4 and also One Inch Records' Fallen Angel.

This vinyl saw Medicine Man team up with Switch, better known as Vitamin who produced the soundtrack to cult pop comedy show Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Beatle again teamed up with Harry Walker as Charlie Don't Surf and joined forces with Spaghetti (Alex Walker, later to be known as Igor Fahrenheit and Andy Nog then up and coming Havok resident DJ). The track features Bruce Lee Kung Fu samples in honour of One Inch Records lable artwork (Harry was also a big Bruce fan) and the evil laugh comes courtesy of mass serial killer, Charles Manson....Charlie Don't Surf...!!!?

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